V.R. Alabyev, M.L. Rudakov, M.A. Korobitcyna
2017 International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics  
The paper shows the need for increasing accuracy of heat calculations in choosing chilling equipment for normalization of temperature conditions in working faces. The biggest error in prediction of temperature conditions is revealed in calculations of air temperature in faces developing steep coal seams, which is related to the peculiarities of technological processes taking place in excavation of coal. In the present work we have determined difference of heat-exchange processes between fossils
more » ... ses between fossils and air within faces during development of steep flat and sloping coal seams. In faces with flat and sloping occurrence of seams the coal on conveying unit is considered a half-closed body, the surface of which provides convective heat exchange with air. At the same time, in face with steep occurrence of seams, where delivering of material is affected by gravity force, one should consider convective heat exchange of coal fraction within the air stream. There is a mathematical model for convective heat exchange between air and fossil in faces that develop steep coal seams, which includes a number of simplifying assumptions as well. Besides, there are engineering methods for calculation of heat emission from coal within faces under border condition of first and third types. There is also a new approach for recognition of heat transferring surfaces from a coal seam and developed space as for faces using pneumatic hammer and combining technologies of coal extraction. Based on the results of the research, assessment of the impact of heat emission from coal on the air temperature within longwall faces developing steep seams is given.
doi:10.12732/ijpam.v114i2.18 fatcat:bjcxu6ibhrem3bjd4affhmx6ee