Post-Mortem Analysis of Inhomogeneous Induced Pressure on Commercial Lithium-Ion Pouch Cells and Their Effects

Georg Fuchs, Lisa Willenberg, Florian Ringbeck, Dirk Uwe Sauer
2019 Sustainability  
This work conducts a post-mortem analysis of a cycled commercial lithium-ion pouch cell under an induced inhomogeneous pressure by using a stainless-steel sphere as a force transmitter to induce an inhomogeneous pressure distribution on a cycled lithium-ion battery. After the cycling, a macroscopic and microscopic optical analysis of the active and passive materials was executed. Also, scanning electron microscopy was used to analyze active material particles. The sphere shape results in a
more » ... e results in a heterogenic pressure distribution on the lithium-ion battery and induces a ring of locally high electrochemical activity, which leads to lithium plating. Furthermore, a surface layer found on the anode, which is a possible cause of electrolyte degradation at the particle–electrolyte interface. Significant deformation and destruction of particles by the local pressure was observed on the cathode. The analysis results validate previous simulations and theories regarding lithium plating on edge effects. These results show that pressure has a strong influence on electrolyte-soaked active materials.
doi:10.3390/su11236738 fatcat:6ovz26zs6vgzzg6xivjbj2joqi