Mapping Objects to Persistent Predicates [article]

José E. Zalacain Llanes
2017 arXiv   pre-print
The Logic Programming through Prolog has been widely used for supply persistence in many systems that need store knowledge. Some implementations of Prolog Programming Language used for supply persistence have bidirectional interfaces with other programming languages over all with Object Oriented Programing Languages. In present days is missing tools and frameworks for the systems development that use logic predicate persistence in easy and agile form. More specifically an object oriented and
more » ... ic persistence provider is need in present days that allow the object manipulation in main memory and the persistence for this objects have a Logic Programming predicates aspect. The present work introduce an object-prolog declarative mappings alternative to support by an object oriented and logic persistence provider. The proposed alternative consists in a correspondence of the Logic Programming predicates with an Object Oriented approach, where for each element of the Logic Programming one Object Oriented element makes to reciprocate. The Object Oriented representation of Logic Programming predicates offers facility of manipulation on the elements that compose a knowledge.
arXiv:1705.00556v1 fatcat:3sym7kavqvg6hakkjlfqraxwqq