An Improved Finite Difference Type Numerical Method for Structural Dynamic Analysis

Sung-Hoon Kim, Youn-sik Park
1994 Shock and Vibration  
An improved finite difference type numerical method to solve partial differential equations for one-dimensional (1-D) structure is proposed. This numerical scheme is a kind of a single-step, second-order accurate and implicit method. The stability, consistency, and convergence are examined analytically with a second-order hyperbolic partial differential equation. Since the proposed numerical scheme automatically satisfies the natural boundary conditions and at the same time, all the partial
more » ... all the partial differential terms at boundary points are directly interpretable to their physical meanings, the proposed numerical scheme has merits in computing 1-D structural dynamic motion over the existing finite difference numeric methods. Using a numerical example, the suggested method was proven to be more accurate and effective than the well-known central difference method. The only limitation of this method is that it is applicable to only 1-D structure.
doi:10.1155/1994/139352 fatcat:hgr6usjn2fakldwouo2ihtu2by