Tensegrity cell mechanical metamaterial with metal rubber

Qicheng Zhang, Dayi Zhang, Yousef Dobah, Fabrizio Scarpa, Fernando Fraternali, Robert E. Skelton
2018 Applied Physics Letters  
We present here a design of a unit cell of a mechanical metamaterial based on the use of a tensegrity structural configuration with metal rubber. Tensegrity combines the use of compression and tension-only elements, and allows the creation of structures with high rigidity per unit mass. Metal rubber is a multiscale porous metal material with high energy absorption and vibration damping capabilities under compressive load. The combination of the two structural and material concepts gives rise to
more » ... a mechanical metamaterial with increased energy absorption and tuneable nonlinearity under quasi-static, vibration and impact loading. We develop prototypes, models and perform tests under static and dynamic loading conditions to assess the performance of this mechanical metamaterial.
doi:10.1063/1.5040850 fatcat:oyr3flnrfzagrondm46z4ii7gq