Tumor pretargeting for radioimmunodetection and radioimmunotherapy

H Zhu, R K Jain, L T Baxter
1998 Journal of Nuclear Medicine  
Tumor pretargeting should provide a definite advantage over direct antibody targeting with up to a 200% increase in tumor-to-background ratio in radioimmunodetection and up to a 76% increase in tumor-to-bone marrow therapeutic ratio in radioimmunotherapy. Rapid antibody clearance from the bloodstream before effector agent injection is expected to improve the therapeutic ratio marginally (3%-10%). However, continuous plasmapheresis dramatically increased the tumor-to-background ratio by a factor
more » ... d ratio by a factor of 10 in RAID and the tumor-to-bone marrow therapeutic ratio by more than 110% for short-lived radionuclides in RAIT. Apart from drastic measures such as extended plasmapheresis, pretargeting selectivity was neither sensitive enough for radioimmunodetection nor effective enough for radioimmunotherapy in patients with typical solid tumors even using the optimized protocols.
pmid:9443740 fatcat:znz7t3kz5bfvhovtoibtbnqyj4