A New Turbine Engine

1902 Scientific American  
The construction of a pocket watch capable of deter mining the longitude at sea, the divisions to indicate the decimal parts of the day, that is, the tenths, thousandths and hundred thousandths, that is, that the day be divided into 10 hours, the hours into 100 minutes and the minutes into lOu seconds. The com petition did not take place, the academy having been suppressed in 1793. But the same prize and the same programme were proposed by the dass of mathe matical and physical sciences of the
more » ... nstitute for the year VI., and two watches Nos. 26 and 32 of L. P. Berthoud obtained the prize. This was the last com petition opened by the academy in connection with horology. List of the scientists and clockmakers who worked on the problem of the determination of the longitu.:}e at sea by the measure of the time: Huyghens before 1662.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican10251902-22415asupp fatcat:3i77y6h3kbd5zj4fzqemdvxa2e