Unsolved Problem of Economic Crisis as a Turning Point of Marx's Critique of Political Economy, 1844―45

Timm Graßmann
2018 The History of Economic Thought  
With the continuing publication of the complete works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels Marx-Engels-Gesamtausgabe MEGA a bulk of new material concerning Marx s studies of economic crises has been made available-with further releases expected to follow These publications have revealed Marx s enormous efforts to examine in detail every economic crisis through which he lived The most prominent examples are the three Books of Crisis Krisenhefte which he compiled in 1857-58 amidst the first truly
more » ... the first truly global economic crisis This paper sets out to first provide an overview of new MEGA-texts regarding Marx s studies of contemporaneous 19th century revulsions In the main part a closer look will be taken at the origin of Marx s crisis studies in the 1840s A comparison between his notes on James Mill s Elements of Political Economy written in the Paris Notebooks 1844 and his excerpts from John Stuart Mill s Essays on Some Unsettled Questions of Political Economy taken in his Manchester Notebooks 1845 reveals Marx s changing stance on classical political economy s general glut controversy i e the debate over the im possibility of overproduction crises in commodity-producing societies In between his stays in Paris and Manchester Marx took extensive notes on the works of Simonde de Sismondi in his Brussels Notebooks 1845 which played a major role in his break from anthropological-essentialist thinking JEL classification numbers: B 00 B 51 E 32
doi:10.5362/jshet.60.1_58 fatcat:yuek65bb7nhmzhcrrwgdamaqfu