Fluorescence and absorption spectroscopy - fast methods for determining the content of antioxidants and age of Bulgarian wines

Krastena Nikolova, Stefka Minkova, Tinko Eftimov, Stefan Krustev
2017 Scripta Scientifica Pharmaceutica  
INTRODUCTION Wine contains a wide range of naturally fluorescent compounds most of which are polyphenols. These compounds are important in food hygiene due to their bactericidal effect. Many epidemiological studies in humans show a positive correlation between the incidence of chronic diseases and oxidative stress in pathogenesis (1). According to Manach et al. (2) red wine possesses high concentration of numerous bioactive dietary polyphenols. It is a fermented alcoholic beverage containing
more » ... erage containing various compounds of ABSTRACT This paper describes a study of usefulness of some optical methods to determine the grape variety and the age of Bulgarian wines from Southern Bulgaria. We have tested two optical methods measuring the optical density and fluorescence spectra in the UV region. The data for color intensity, hue and color composition have been obtained by using absorbance spectra. A correlation between fluorescence intensity and antioxidant activity of the wine can be found, which is very important for human health and hygiene of eating. All of the obtained experimental results suggest that two optical methods could be useful for quality estimation of wine age and quality determination of some fluorescence components in wine with antioxidant properties.
doi:10.14748/ssp.v4i1.2213 fatcat:os44qgyrlzazzpqhdntegmav24