Parallel Computation of a Maximum-Likelihood Estimator of a Physical Map

Suchendra M Bhandarkar, Salem A Machaka, Sanjay S Shete, Raghuram N Kota
2001 Genetics  
Reconstructing a physical map of a chromosome from a genomic library presents a central computational problem in genetics. Physical map reconstruction in the presence of errors is a problem of high computational complexity that provides the motivation for parallel computing. Parallelization strategies for a maximum-likelihood estimation-based approach to physical map reconstruction are presented. The estimation procedure entails a gradient descent search for determining the optimal spacings
more » ... een probes for a given probe ordering. The optimal probe ordering is determined using a stochastic optimization algorithm such as simulated annealing or microcanonical annealing. A two-level parallelization strategy is proposed wherein the gradient descent search is parallelized at the lower level and the stochastic optimization algorithm is simultaneously parallelized at the higher level. Implementation and experimental results on a distributed-memory multiprocessor cluster running the parallel virtual machine (PVM) environment are presented using simulated and real hybridization data.
doi:10.1093/genetics/157.3.1021 fatcat:rkjm4hqrpray5p7bgqfkqyf7hy