A review of current concepts in evidence-based radiology
Conceptos actuales en la radiología basada en evidencias. Revisión

Ernesto Roldán-Valadez, Angel Lee, Aída Jiménez-Corona, Iván Vega-González, Manuel Martínez-López, Jorge Vázquez-LaMadrid
Gaceta Médica de México  
It has been noted that "Good doctors use both individual clinical expertise and the best available external evidence, and neither alone is enough. " Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is defined as the process of systematically finding, critically appraising, and using contemporary research published in the medical literature as a basis to make decisions regarding individual patient care and health care policy. In radiology, including its diagnostic and interventional aspects, the principles and
more » ... principles and practice of EBM have not been thoroughly studied. In this brief review article, we describe key aspects of evidence-based radiology (EBR), concepts and steps followed in EBM and meta-analysis. The skills required to practice EBR are identified, and the roles of EBR in radiologic practice, education, and research are discussed. The application of EBM principles to diagnostic imaging facilitates the interpretation of imaging studies and produces a sound and comprehensive radiologic evaluation. This review could be useful for radiologists and clinicians at any stage of their training or career. It encourages the practice of EBM and EBR especially in developing countries.
pmid:18269080 fatcat:5cynv23hlzcljcnsn6d5ygqkke