Application of Cycle 5E Learning Model in Photosynthesis Discussion to improve Skills of Science Processes Airmadidi State High School Students

Meity Tanor, Arrijani Arrijani, Debby Rayer
2020 Proceedings of the Proceedings of the 7th Mathematics, Science, and Computer Science Education International Seminar, MSCEIS 2019, 12 October 2019, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia   unpublished
This research is motivated by the learning conditions in Airmadidi State High School where there are weaknesses including: the learning process is still centered on the teacher as the main source of knowledge, where students do not dare to argue and some students do not pay attention to what is conveyed by the teacher. The objective to be achieved in this study is to improve student learning outcomes in photosynthesis material through the Learning Cycle learning model '5E' in class XII Science
more » ... class XII Science students at Airmadidi State High School in 2019/2020. This research is a classroom action research conducted at Airmadidi State High School with subjects of class XII science students. The object of research is the Learning Cycle '5E' on photosynthesis material. The research process was carried out in two cycles which included five stages, namely planning, implementation, observation, reflection, and evaluation. The data analysis technique used is a qualitative descriptive technique that is by analyzing student development data in the first cycle and second cycle is equipped with an average analysis of cognitive values, affective values, and psychomotor values of students. The results obtained showed that the average student learning outcomes in the first cycle, cognitive domain = 71,67 affective behavioral domain (very good); and psychomotor domain (very interested). Average student learning outcomes in cycle II, cognitive domain = 80.15 (successful) or increased from cycle I; affective domain (very good) or increased from the first cycle; psychomotor domain (very interested) or increase from cycle I. Based on the results of the study, it can be concluded that the Learning Cycle '5E' learning model can improve the teaching and learning process, this is supported by an increase in Biology learning outcomes for students of class XII IPA SMA Negeri Airmadidi in the academic year 2019/2020.
doi:10.4108/eai.12-10-2019.2296574 fatcat:tfezymrj3fhuji4ewm24ahbhmq