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SCIENCE NOTES. surprising that numerous expeditions were organized for observing the complex phenomena involved. The weather conditions were favourable at most if not at all the observing stations, and valuable results were obtained. It may be noted that the duration of totality was less than had been calculated by several seconds, and that therefore the lunar tables appear to need correction. The heat of the corona was examined with a bolometer, and was found to be positive as compared with
more » ... moon, though it was too slight to be subdivided by prismatic dispersion. The equatorial streamers could be followed by the naked eye to three or three-and-a-half solar diameters; they were observed to have a structure similar to mother-o'-pearl. The new planet Eros was successfully observed photographically during the eclipse, but it will probably be some time before we know whether the photographic search for an intra-mercurial planet has been successful or the reverse. R. MULLINEUX WALMSLEY.
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