Pb nanowires on vicinal Si(111) surfaces: Effects of refacetting on transport

C. Tegenkamp, D. Lükermann, S. Akbari, M. Czubanowski, A. Schuster, H. Pfnür
2010 Physical Review B  
The conductance of Pb wires grown by self-assembly on Si͑557͒ has been studied in detail as a function of coverage and of the facet structure. Only for 1.31 ML, corresponding to one physical monolayer on the terraces ͑steps not covered with Pb͒, and a perfectly ordered wire array along the ͓112͔ direction quasi-onedimensional ͑1D͒ transport along the ͓110͔ direction is found, corroborating the model of one-dimensional band filling in an adsorbate induced ͑223͒ facet structure. The transport
more » ... . The transport results recently shown by Morikawa et al. ͓Phys. Rev. B 82, 045423 ͑2010͔͒ can also reproduced by our group. In contrast to what was claimed by them, our results clearly show that either a too small coverage or structural imperfections of the surface are responsible for a metal-insulator transition around 140 K irrespective of the crystallographic direction. The variety of different transport scenarios found is caused by strong adsorbate-induced refacetting into an electronically stabilized ͑223͒ orientation, which differs from the macrosocopic orientation of the substrate. The crucial interplay between structure and filling factor explains the extremely small parameter window in which the 1D transport channel can be observed.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.82.205413 fatcat:2ncb4o732ngqdl2zjha7zqd3ea