Approximate Jacobian Control for Robot Manipulators [chapter]

Chien Chern Cheah
Advances in Robot Control  
Most research so far in robot control has assumed either kinematics or Jacobian matrix of the robots from joint space to task space is known exactly. Unfortunately, no physical parameters can be derived exactly. In addition, when the robot picks up objects of uncertain lengths, orientations or gripping points, the kinematics and dynamics become uncertain and change according to different tasks. This paper presents several approximate Jacobian control laws for robots with uncertainties in
more » ... rtainties in kinematics and dynamics. Lyapunov functions are presented for stability analysis of feedback control problems with uncertain kinematics. We shall show that the end-effector's position converges to a desired position even when the kinematics and Jacobian matrix are uncertain.
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-37347-6_3 fatcat:sb7athh7xbbhzoxumlfw4g3dgu