Innovation in the Defense Sector in Brazil: the case of Command and Control Project

Luiz Guilherme de Oliveira
2012 Journal of Defense Management  
The present work aims to understand the process of innovation in the defense sector, performing a case study of the Command and Control Project of the Brazilian Army, given its strategic value attached to the National Defense and the industrial development of Brazil. For purposes of mapping innovation, the Department of Defense was divided into two parts, one on the production of goods and services called Strand Hard-and another on the application of the products in the sphere of Military
more » ... ne and Strategy and Tactics of war-Strand called Soft. The innovation in each component is checked into vectors, and the strand hard links in the value chain of the Complex Product Systems (CoPS) and strand Soft Operating System to Combat Military Doctrine of the Earth Brazil. This methodology allows you to explore all stages of innovation in the production process and marketing of goods and services for defense, showing where the core of competitive advantage and bottlenecks in the process and at the same time, exploring aspects of the generation of strategic advantages and defense tactics, which reflect the main aspect of innovation in the defense sector. It should be noted, also, presented the concept of strategic knowledge, divided into central, critical and sensitive. The case study allows us to test this methodology and at the same time, identify strengths and weaknesses of the innovative process design study and conclude that for CoPS development projects generates defense on the one hand, strategic and tactical advantages to the National Defense and on the other hand, provides competitive advantages to organizations and businesses, contributing to economic diversification and competitiveness of the productive country.
doi:10.4172/2167-0374.1000107 fatcat:gwsqmgaxcffdtpsbyjp7r27ava