Dynamic graph connectivity with improved worst case update time and sublinear space [article]

David Gibb, Bruce Kapron, Valerie King, Nolan Thorn
2015 arXiv   pre-print
This paper considers fully dynamic graph algorithms with both faster worst case update time and sublinear space. The fully dynamic graph connectivity problem is the following: given a graph on a fixed set of n nodes, process an online sequence of edge insertions, edge deletions, and queries of the form "Is there a path between nodes a and b?" In 2013, the first data structure was presented with worst case time per operation which was polylogarithmic in n. In this paper, we shave off a factor of
more » ... log n from that time, to O(log^4 n) per update. For sequences which are polynomial in length, our algorithm answers queries in O(log n/\log\log n) time correctly with high probability and using O(n \log^2 n) words (of size log n). This matches the amount of space used by the most space-efficient graph connectivity streaming algorithm. We also show that 2-edge connectivity can be maintained using O(n log^2 n) words with an amortized update time of O(log^6 n).
arXiv:1509.06464v1 fatcat:jsjqlzksjncadbqic63sxiqffe