F. E. Day, H. E. Cox, A. Nutter Smith, T. J. Ward
1920 The Analyst  
NOTES 411 NOTES. The Editor desires to point out that the pages of the Journal are open f o r the inclusion Such .notes of short notes dealing with analytical practice and kindred matters. are sabmitted to the Publication, Committee in the usual wianner. SOUR MILK SAMPLES AND GERBER'S EAT METHOD. I HAVE recently had occasion to re-test, after a lapse of several weeks, a number of milk samples for fat by Gerber's method. These had been "preserved " by the addition of about 0.05 per cent. of
more » ... 5 per cent. of formalin, which of course is not effectual for more than a few days, and the samples were very sour and decomposed. About 2 per cent. of strong ammonia was added to make pipetting possible, and, after correction for this, the results were up to 0.2 per cent. higher than those of the original tests. As would be expected, the ammonia is not responsible for this, as eight tests on five different milks averaged-With ammonia
doi:10.1039/an9204500411 fatcat:ouz6z4krkraonfjufhnx4ads6q