Emine Kemiklioglu, Özlem Özen, Berfin Gürboğa
2018 Mugla Journal of Science and Technology  
Since fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidant they are irreplaceable for a healthy life. Despite the fact that their benefits, they could cause serious diseases when they are consumed while they are deteriorated since they lose their nutrient value with time and became available for microorganisms. As a consequence of it, mold formation occurs which is harmful to both health and food industry. As a consequence of a serial of experiments which were performed
more » ... performed considering the importance of the freshness of food in terms of health and food industry, the relation between freshness and ion mobility is revealed. As following a device was developed with the aim of determination freshness -ion concentration relation. For the evaluation of the sensor measurements, a software including experimental measurement deterioration and freshness result data has been developed and the freshness can be determined by using the designed sensor through this software. Obtained experimental measurement results and sensor measurement results are compared and the results are also supported by observations repeated at different conditions.
doi:10.22531/muglajsci.426448 fatcat:wd5lvq5nzffsxohmtcd4mlhsoe