Multiplex Sequencing of Pair-End-Ditags (MS-PET) for Cancer Genome Interrogation

C. L. Wei, Y. Ruan
2008 AACR Education book  
Genome instability and transcriptome aberrations are hallmark of cancers. Th e heterogeneities of cancer genomes demand large scale, whole genome and low cost approaches that allow comprehensive characterization of oncogenomes at fi ne resolution. Inspired by the recent revolution of DNA sequencing technology, we have developed a pair-endditag (PET) sequencing strategy for genome annotation and structural characterization. By extracting paired end signatures from desired DNA fragments and
more » ... fragments and mapping them to reference genome, PET sequencing strategy allows the accurate demarcation of boundaries and location of these DNA in the genomic landscape. When coupled with multiplex ultra high throughput sequencing platforms, MS-PET not only can extend the linear coverage of short tag sequencing method but enable the full scale discovery of unconventional fusion transcripts and rearrangement events of genomic structures, and for whole genome mapping of transcription factor binding sites, epigenetic modifi cations and cancer genome mapping. Collectively, MS-PET sequencing approach off ers a unique and highly robust method for full genetic and epigenetic readouts of cancer genomes.
doi:10.1158/aacr.edb-08-8437 fatcat:tarwmyo64bblhpgzo2sfmipfke