Dynamic Modification of Software Systems (Design a Syntax Directed editing)

Mohy El Deen Horani
2001 International Conference on Aerospace Sciences and Aviation Technology  
The distributed computing systems are characterized by their ability to service applications of distributed origin. Due to the rapid development of digital technology and especially in the field of microprocessors it becomes viable to place a microcomputer in the same place of the planet or device needs to be controlled. In this respect we can say that the microcomputer has replaced the traditional electronic circuits. So, to control a number of machines or devices or plants it is possible to
more » ... it is possible to rely upon a number of (micro)computers distributed according to the requirements of the application on to the points needed to be controlled. This organization depends on a communication network that provides -in addition to communication-the inter-tasking activities between computers. It is necessary for a computer system designed to service such organization to take a grate benefit of the features and abilities of the hardware of these distributed systems. This paper introduces a study of a software system for distributed computer system for industrial applications. This study suggests a change to the Module Structure (considering the Module as the main programming block of the system) and also introduce a new design for a Syntax Directed Editing activity which is very effective on the mechanism of carrying out the modification. What is meant by modification here is the expected modification for the functional activities as well as the topology during the system use. This stems from the consideration that in the case of expensive industrial systems we have to accept the possibility of the future modification of the system structure and the routines of its components . * Assistant Prof., Assad Academy for Military Engineering, Aleppo, Syria
doi:10.21608/asat.2001.59775 fatcat:fzloerjddbahnezkidiwycucni