Міжнародний Досвід Освітніх Вимірювань З Історії

Вакуленко Т. С.
2015 Zenodo  
The article deals with the question of the content and structure of the tests on History in different countries of the world. The author has shown that different countries use different tests on History. The UK uses History tests as selective tests necessary for obtaining the Certificate of General Secondary Education. The author focuses on the fact that History tests are required for admission to some higher education establishments in the USA. The test on History is one the SAT II tests. It
more » ... SAT II tests. It consists of MCQ items. These items are analytical and check test taker's ability to compare facts, track trends of historical events. The author has also studied History tests in Poland and Russia. The author has shown that these tests contain open-response items, which ask test takers to analyze a particular historical person, his/her role in history, events which are related to the person. Students have to confirm their ideas through reasoning, providing historical evidence. The analysis of History tests has shown that the content of these tests includes analysis of major historical events, their generalization and systematization; most of these tests include open-response items. The ways for further improvement of Ukrainian Independent External Examinations in History have been identified in the article. The author has claimed that History tests in Ukraine have to contain open-ended response items. There is also a necessity to increase the competence of the test component. It might be done by including the items, which require proving student's point of view, discovering if some statements are false or true.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.18821 fatcat:6osort6zabfsphfk6f3k4v4ocy