Thermodynamic solvation of a series of homologous α-amino acids in non-aqueous mixture of ethylene-glycol and N,N-dimethyl formamide

Kalachand Mahali, Sanjay Roy, Bijoy Krishna Dolui
2011 Journal of Biophysical Chemistry  
Standard free energies ( t ) and entropies ( t ) of transfer of some homologous α-amino acids viz. glycine (gly), Dl-alanine (ala), Dl-α-amino butyric acid (aba) and Dl-nor-valine (nor-val) from protic ethylene glycol (EG) to dipolar aprotic N,N-dimethyl formamide (DMF) have been evaluated from solubility measurements at five equidistant temperatures i.e. from 15˚C to 35˚C. The observed t and )
doi:10.4236/jbpc.2011.23022 fatcat:77mokgd66ne7le6uui4t3njcci