Woman's Higher Education Phenomenom: Is It for A Good Life or Just Pride?

Rizky Fauziah
2017 Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Social and Political Development (ICOSOP 2016)   unpublished
2/3 of the earth residences are the women today. It make the society paradigm changing named gender equality which let woman has the same right as man depend on their ability. It happens in every aspect including higher education. Woman earn and make higher education as their priority to improve their quality, but in the other side most of them take this just to upgrade their pride or social status. The existence of woman usually related to family or society, so it supposed to be the more
more » ... ed woman the better the quality of their family/society will be. But now the people specially in Sumatera still lack of creative and critical thinking. This condition directs us to analyze the self-concept and self-awareness of higher educated woman who earn the master degree to find out why they study a lot but less changing happened.
doi:10.2991/icosop-16.2017.54 fatcat:amxsyefp5nbovfzim55bj7nfmm