Benzene-1,2-diaminium bis(hydrogen phosphonate)

Md. Zahid, R. Akilan, T. Ganesh, R. Mohan Kumar, G. Chakkaravarthi
2016 IUCrData  
The asymmetric unit of the title molecular salt, C6H10N2 2+·2H2PO3 −, contains half of a benzene-1,2-diaminium cation and a phosphite anion, the complete cation being generated by a crystallographic mirror plane. In the crystal, N—H...O hydrogen bonds generate R 2 2(9) and R 2 2(8) ring motifs and O—H...O hydrogen bonds generate an R 2 2(8) ring motif. Overall, these generate a three-dimensional framework. The crystal structure also features π–π interactions [centroid-to-centroid distance =
more » ... roid distance = 3.8642 (7) Å].
doi:10.1107/s2414314616015911 fatcat:dfceuevmhbbrldtvtsikakxixe