El premio nobel alrededor del ADN

Dulce María Delgadillo-Álvarez
2016 Cátedra Villarreal  
The Nobel Prize is an international award given annually to individuals or institutions that have made investigations, discoveries or contributions to humanity in the immediate previous year or during the course of their life. The awards were instituted in 1895 as the last will of swedish chemist Alfred Nobel and began to be distributed in 1901. Two of the specialties in which the prize is awarded are Chemistry and Physiology or Medicine. The purpose of this brief review is to count those
more » ... o count those researchers who have earned this award in the disciplines mentioned from 114 years ago and whose work has orbited around the deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA. We mention studies on its discovery, structure and molecular characterization of this and of the other molecules that in coordination with it turn it into the molecule responsible for storing and transmitting genetic information of all organisms that inhabit our planet.
doi:10.24039/cv20164161 fatcat:qo44wkwouffetmdpdl63hgc7gi