Two dichotomies for model-checking in multi-layer structures [article]

Jessica Enright, Kitty Meeks, Jessica Ryan
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Multi-layer graphs can capture qualitatively different types of connection between entities, and networks of this kind are prevalent in biological and social systems: for example, a social contact network typically involves both virtual and face-to-face interactions between individuals. Since each layer is likely to exhibit stronger and/or more easily identifiable structurally properties than the overall system, it is natural to ask whether we can exploit the structural properties of individual
more » ... layers to solve NP-hard problems efficiently on the overall network. In this paper we provide a complete characterisation of the structural properties required in each layer to guarantee the existence of an FPT algorithm to solve problems definable in either first-order or monadic second-order logic on the overall system, subject to the assumption that the structural properties are preserved under deletion of vertices and/or edges.
arXiv:1710.08758v6 fatcat:nq5auk2cwjhafc6iqadsudlczy