Control of phytoplankton production by physical forcing in a strongly tidal, well-mixed estuary

X. Desmit, J. P. Vanderborght, P. Regnier, R. Wollast
2005 Biogeosciences  
A model for phytoplanktonic production in turbid, macro-tidal estuaries is proposed. It is based on the description of light-dependent algal growth, phytoplankton respiration and mortality. The model is forced by solar irradiance, mixing depth and light penetration. The extinction coefficient is directly related to the dynamics of suspended particulate 5 matter. Model results show that the description of phytoplankton growth must operate at a time resolution sufficiently high to describe the
more » ... to describe the interference between solarly and tidally driven physical forcing functions. It also demonstrates that in tidal and turbid estuaries, the short-term variation of the euphotic depth to mixing depth ratio has to be resolved for production estimates and that net positive phytoplankton production can 10
doi:10.5194/bg-2-205-2005 fatcat:adx4urfnznb3jc7p6r54lo3jxe