A Non-Dissipative Equalizer with Fast Energy Transfer Based on Adaptive Balancing Current Control

Shun-Chung Wang, Chun-Yu Liu, Yi-Hua Liu
2020 Electronics  
In this study, an active inductive equalizer with fast energy transfer based on adaptive balancing current control is proposed to rapidly equilibrate lithium-ion battery packs. A multiphase structure of equalizer formed by many specific parallel converter legs (PCLs) with bidirectional energy conversion serves as the power transfer stage to make the charge shuttle back and forth between the cell and sub-pack or sub-pack and sub-pack more flexible and efficient. This article focuses on dealing
more » ... ocuses on dealing with the problem of slow balancing rate, which inherently arises from the reduction of balancing current as the voltage difference between the cells or sub-packs decreases, especially in the later period of equalization. An adaptive varied-duty-cycle (AVDC) algorithm is put forward here to accelerate the balance process. The devised method has taken the battery nonlinear behavior and the nonideality of circuit component into consideration and can adaptively modulate the duty cycle with the change of voltage differences to maintain balancing current nearly constant in the whole equilibrating procedure. Test results derived from simulations and experiments are provided to demonstrate the validity and effectiveness of the equalizer prototype constructed. Comparing with the conventional fixed duty cycle (FDC) method, the improvements of 68.3% and 8.3% in terms of balance time and efficiency have been achieved.
doi:10.3390/electronics9121990 fatcat:qrpcg75rcbexnhjbzqasgqdvyi