V-BLAST-Based Virtual MIMO for Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks

Sudharman K. Jayaweera
2007 IEEE Transactions on Communications  
A virtual multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) communications architecture based on vertical Bell Laboratories layered space-time (V-BLAST) receiver processing is proposed for wireless sensor networks (WSNs). The proposed scheme does not require transmitter-side node cooperation unlike previously proposed virtual MIMO schemes. The energy and delay efficiencies of the proposed virtual MIMO scheme are derived for networks with both single-and multiple-antenna data gathering nodes (DGNs).
more » ... des (DGNs). Numerical results show the significant energy savings offered by the proposed method. These results also indicate that rate optimization over transmission distance is not essential as in virtual MIMO systems based on Alamouti scheme. In most scenarios, a fixed-rate virtual MIMO system with 4-quadrature amplitude modulation can achieve performance very close to that of an optimized, variable-rate system. In the case of single-antenna DGNs, the proposed scheme typically incur larger delay values compared to traditional single-input single-output communication, making it a good candidate for energy-starved but delay-tolerant WSNs. Index Terms-Cooperative multiple input multiple output (MIMO), MIMO, vertical Bell Laboratories layered space-time (V-BLAST), virtual MIMO, wireless sensor networks (WSNs).
doi:10.1109/tcomm.2007.906389 fatcat:lni2tjenebhariogefyclwb2gi