Challenges, responses and partnership for achieving sustainable tourism and heritage preservation

Marija Maksin
2010 Spatium  
The process of globalization has created the situation where the expectations of tourists are the same both with respect to the quality of services in all destinations and with respect to the authencity based on local attractions and experiences, which should be unique and different for each destination. The key element in maintaining destination attractiveness is the protection and presentation of natural and cultural heritage and its sustainable utilization for tourism development. The
more » ... lopment. The sustainability concept is of equal importance for long-term tourism development, destination competitivness and heritage protection. The paper deals with the main challenges to achieving sustainable tourism and points to some key responses to them. Participation, cooperation and partnership should be a vital prerequisite for the implementation and performance of sustainable tourism and heritage protection. This attitude has been tested on several examples of good practice in heritage protection and the sustainable development of tourism destinations in Serbia.
doi:10.2298/spat1022011m fatcat:acrxe5qfijfvze5riheaunku7i