RaynerD. Batten
1900 The Lancet  
PARASITIC CRUSTACEAN ON THE CORNEA. is a great difficulty, and so an exploratory operation is to be recommended in doubtful cases. With regard to the nature of the operation, in cases where no tumour can be felt by palpation and only a small one is found on opening the abdomen, pylorectomy should be performed, but I believe that the risk of this operation is greatly lessened by performing it in two stages-viz., first do a gastro-enterostomy, and then, when the patient has been fed by the mouth
more » ... or about 14 days so as to build up the strength, the abdomen should be reopened and the pyloric growth removed in the manner already described. In cases of advanced malignant diseases, where a large tumour can be felt beforehand, and when on opening the abdomen adhesions and glands are found, a gastroenterostomy will give considerable temporary relief ; the pain and vomiting being lessened and the dilatation of the stomach subsiding. I might mention that I should not do pyloroplasty in another case of carcinoma as it is most important to have a perfectly healthy stomach for the insertion of the sutures. Finally, I would point out that after all these operations on the stomach the patients were fed by the mouth on the day following the operation, and the amount of nourishment was gradually increased till about the twelfth day, when ordinary diet was given; no bad result was traceable to early feeding.
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(01)97273-3 fatcat:53cqs7gg2jbhfalghd2ncdwnfy