Phyllodes tumor and pregnancy. A report of a case
Tumor phyllodes y embarazo. Reporte de un caso

C Aranda, M Sotelo, A Torres, M Zárate
2005 Ginecología y Obstetricia de México  
Phyllodes tumor is a rare breast fibroepithelial neoplasm of the breast, predominant in females (0.3 to 0.5%). Few cases have been described in males. Phyllodes tumor during pregnancy grows fast and its size is relatively big. These tumors can be classified as benign, malignant or neighboring. A 32-year-old patient at 23.4 week of gestation was admitted in the National Institute of Perinatology with a rapidly growing mass in the right breast; diagnosis confirmed by ultrasound study reporting
more » ... study reporting echoic images on right breast, 10 x 10 cm the greatest and 3x3 cm the smallest. A simple mastectomy was performed at the 26.6 week of gestation on the right breast. A possible phyllodes tumour in the right breast was observed during surgery, weight 9.6 pounds, with partial infiltration to major pectoral muscle. Pathology reported a benign phyllodes tumor in the right breast, with surgical borders free of tumor. Phyllodes tumor is rare and can occur during pregnancy. It is unknown if the tumor is hormone-dependent. The growth of a tumor on a subsequent pregnancy is not necessarily associated with recurrency or with a new disorder on the patient, who has had a complete excision.
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