Studies on nonprecipitating insulin antibody. Radioimmunoassay of insulin binding capacity and its relationship to insulin neutralizing activity and ability to evoke cutaneous anaphylactic reaction

H Nakamura
1968 Nagoya journal of medical science  
Skom and Talmage have demonstrated a non-precipitating antibody against insulin in the sera of insulin-treated diabetics. But their m ethod of determining the antibody is not quantitative. In the present study, a titration of the insulin binding activity of anti-insulin was performed more quantitatively using 13 11-labeled insulin and a ntiguinea pig r-globulin rabbit sera under the condition of insulin excess.-Moreover, the insulin binding act ivity of anti-insulin was corr elated with its
more » ... lin n eutralizing activity and also with its ability to evoke a cutaneous anaphylactic· reaction. A considerably good correlation was observed between the insulin neutralizing activity and insulin binding activity. On t he other hand, between the insulin binding activity and the ability to evoke cutaneous anaphylactic reaction was only a poor correlation observed.
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