Physical Properties of Energy-Momentum Tensor of Gravitational Field in RAF Theory

Branko M. Novakovic
2018 International Journal of New Technology and Research  
In Relativistic Alpha Field Theory (RAFT or RAF theory) there are two the most intriguing conclusions. The first one is that the Energy Momentum Tensor (EMT) of gravitational static field obeys the following properties: 1) the symmetry, 2) the non-negative energy density and 3) zero trace of EMT. Here the non-negative energy density means that the energy density is positive, but at the radius r c = GM/c 2 is zero. This radius corresponds to the point where the acceleration is equal to zero
more » ... se negative acceleration is changing into the positive one. This is the crucial difference between RAF theory of gravitational static field and field gravity approach, where energy density is positive and without null point. At the radius r c free fall velocity is maximal and equal to the speed of the light in vacuum c. The second conclusion is that the gravity force is attractive ( in the region r c < r < ∞) and repulsive (in the region r min ≤ r < r c , where r min =GM/2c 2 ). At the minimal radius r min , repulsive force is maximal. Index terms -Relativistic Alpha Field Theory (RAFT), Physical properties of EMT in a gravitational static field, Attractive gravitational force, Repulsive gravitational force, Extremely strong gravitational fields.
doi:10.31871/ijntr.4.11.10 fatcat:45ymuh75mnafhc3eklfpamxtwa