Danastri Nisita Alyani, R. Moh. Qudsi Fauzi
2020 Jurnal Ekonomi Syariah Teori dan Terapan  
MSMEs have an important role in the growth of Indonesian economy. However, one of the obstacles that MSMEs have to face's the lack of capital, MSMEs can't develop if they don't have capital. Capital can be provided by banks but not all MSMEs can apply for a loan from banks because of certain conditions. In this case, non-bank financial institutions can take over, including zakat institutions. LAZISMU Surabaya is one of zakat institution under authority of Muhammadiyah, which the object of
more » ... the object of research, has a program called Bina Mandiri Wirausaha (BMW) that fostering about 100 MSMEs owners. The purpose of this research is to determine the role of interest-free loans programmed by LAZISMU Surabaya, in order to answer the research gap that all informants are empowered after receiving an interest-free loan. This study used a qualitative descriptive method by utilizing in-depth interviews with 12 informants consisting of MSME owners and an administrator of LAZISMU Surabaya. Indicators of empowerment in this study are capital, income, sales volume, independence, religiosity, and the ability to give alms. If all indicators are fulfilled by MSME owners, it can be concluded that the role of LAZISMU Surabaya in empowering MSMEs is successful. The finding of this research shows that LAZISMU Surabaya has succeeded in empowering MSMEs.Keywords: Empowerment, MSMEs, LAZISMU, Zakat Infaq and Shadaqah
doi:10.20473/vol7iss20206pp1164-1177 fatcat:yknvnw34trfj3pwarb7hzf6hg4