Crystal structure of indium triiodate dihydrate, In[IO3]3 · 2H2O

D. Phanon, I. Gautier-Luneau
2006 Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - New Crystal Structures  
H4I3InO11, orthorhombic, P2 1 2 1 2 1 (no. 19), a = 5.038 (2) Source of material 0.1 mmol of indium nitrate pentahydrate and 2 mmol of potassium iodate were dissolved in 40 mL of 14 M nitric acid. The mixture was evaporated at room temperature. After 18 days, tiny, transparent and colorless platelets suitable for X-ray crystal structure analysis were obtained. Experimental details Hydrogen atoms from water molecules could not be located by Fourier difference maps.
doi:10.1524/ncrs.2006.0058 fatcat:er6bwpyrgzgqzoraw7o2hiezly