A Multivariate Model to Quantify and Mitigate Cybersecurity Risk

Mark Bentley, Alec Stephenson, Peter Toscas, Zili Zhu
2020 Risks  
The cost of cybersecurity incidents is large and growing. However, conventional methods for measuring loss and choosing mitigation strategies use simplifying assumptions and are often not supported by cyber attack data. In this paper, we present a multivariate model for different, dependent types of attack and the effect of mitigation strategies on those attacks. Utilising collected cyber attack data and assumptions on mitigation approaches, we look at an example of using the model to optimise
more » ... model to optimise the choice of mitigations. We find that the optimal choice of mitigations will depend on the goal—to prevent extreme damages or damage on average. Numerical experiments suggest the dependence aspect is important and can alter final risk estimates by as much as 30%. The methodology can be used to quantify the cost of cyber attacks and support decision making on the choice of optimal mitigation strategies.
doi:10.3390/risks8020061 fatcat:t2ef5pyszrg3no2eqqtxnlaap4