Warp architecture and implementation

M. Annaratone, E. Arnould, T. Gross, H. T. Kung, M. S. Lam
1986 SIGARCH Computer Architecture News  
A high-performance systolic array computer called Warp has been designed and constructed. The machine has a systolic array of 10 or more linearly connected cells, each of which is a programmable processor capable of performing 10 million floating-point operations per second (10 MFLOPS). A 10-cell machine therefore has a peak performance of 100 MFLOPS. Warp is integrated into a UNIX host system. Program development is supported by a compiler. The first 10-cell machine became operational in 1986.
more » ... Low-level vision processing for robot vehicles is one of the first applications of the machine. This paper describes the architecture and implementation of the Warp machine, and justifies and evaluates some of the architectural features with system, software and application considerations 0884-7495/86/0000/0346501.00 © 1986 | EEE
doi:10.1145/17356.17397 fatcat:abfuba7b4zcutn34kvwfwhlbie