Molecular cloning and sequence and 3D models analysis of the Sec61α subunit of protein translocation complex from Penicillium ochrochloron

Abul Kalam Azad, Md. Asraful Jahan, Md. Mahbub Hasan, Takahiro Ishikawa, Yoshihiro Sawa, Hitoshi Shibata
2011 BMB Reports  
The Sec61α subunit is the core subunit of the protein conducting channel which is required for protein translocation in eukaryotes and prokaryotes. In this study, we cloned a Sec61α subunit from Penicillium ochrochloron (PoSec61α). Sequence and 3D structural model analysis showed that PoSec61α conserved the typical characteristics of eukaryotic and prokaryotic Sec61α subunit homologues. The pore ring known as the constriction point of the channel is formed by seven hydrophobic amino acids. Two
more » ... c amino acids. Two methionine residues from transmembrane α-helice 7 (TM7) contribute to the pore ring formation and projected notably to the pore area and narrowed the pore compared with the superposed residues at the corresponding positions in the crystal structures or the 3D models of the Sec61α subunit homologues in archaea or other eukaryotes, respectively. Results reported herein indicate that the pore ring residues differ among Sec61α subunit homologues and two hydrophobic residues in the TM7 contribute to the pore ring formation. [BMB reports 2011; 44(11): 719-724] Sec61α subunit from Penicillium ochrochloron Abul Kalam Azad, et al.
doi:10.5483/bmbrep.2011.44.11.719 pmid:22118537 fatcat:5hb3ru7nzjaonpkh3ew4a4nqdm