Synthesis, Characterisations, Lipid Lowering Activity and Antibacterial Activities of Some Benzoyl Ester Substituted Embelin Derivatives

Ashok N. Patange
2017 Oriental Journal of Chemistry  
The research article represents the extraction of Embelin from its plant source and synthesis, characterisation, lipid lowering activities and antibacterial studies of some Benzoyl ester substituted derivatives of Embelin. The derivatives of Embelin, EL -1 to EL -5 were prepared by treating Embelin with Meta and Para substituted benzoyl chloride in presence of base pyridine and dichloromethane. Benzoyl ester substituted derivatives of Embelin molecule also shows more or less medicinal
more » ... medicinal properties then the parent Embelin molecule. The synthesized compound were characterised and identified on the basis of elemental analysis, UV, FTIR, Mass and NMR spectroscopy and their antibacterial activities were studied against test organism viz B. subtilis gram positive, S.aureus Gram positive, C.Albicans Antifungal and E.coli Gram negative. The lipid lowering activities of prepared compound were also studied in percentage on pancreatic lipase inhibition simply on the basis of change in international unit (IU).
doi:10.13005/ojc/330150 fatcat:k2dzxs346bgjzkkv2lw63zgbjy