Design of data collection techniques and tools

Konstantinos Kamargiannis, Athena Tsirimpa
2021 Zenodo  
This deliverable is part of WP3, and more specifically T3.1 "Design of data collection techniques and tools". The goal of this deliverable is to present the sampling strategy and the data collection techniques and tools that will be used in HARMONY pilot areas to collect the data needed for modelling purposes in WP4 to WP8. More specifically, it focuses on designing the questionnaires, preparing and customising the smartphone-based travel survey tool for collecting primary data, designing the
more » ... rvey participants support interfaces (helpdesks), as well as developing the sampling strategies to be used in each pilot area. For the pilot cities of Oxfordshire and Turin was designed a passenger survey for each one of them. The questionnaires for passengers will collect both quantitative and qualitative data regarding individual and household socio-economic characteristics, mobility tool ownership, attitudes and perceptions towards multimodality, traditional and new mobility services. Also, for Oxfordshire was designed two rounds of questionnaires for "before-after AV-bus freight demonstrations" and two rounds "before and after unmanned aerial flying vehicles (UAVs) freight demonstrations". For Rotterdam, two round "before and after AV-bus freight demonstration" was developed. Also, State-of-the-art experiments using serious gaming techniques were designed to capture individual preferences for a residential location, mobility tool ownership, mode choice, app-based mobility usage and spatiotemporal activity changes given new mobility services and spatial policies. The questionnaires for the freight stakeholders in Rotterdam and Oxfordshire are also designed to collect information about their decisions and barriers to adopting new technologies (i.e., AVs and unmanned aerial flying vehicles (UAVs)) or services (i.e., crowd-shipping). For pilot city of Trikala, four rounds of questionnaires (two for pharmacists and two for residents) was designed for the "before and after" unmanned aerial flying vehicles (UAVs) freight demo [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5744363 fatcat:zaqshtqg3zcepjrrpi2vjmnaoi