Musical Life of Krasnoyarskin the 60-s of the XX Century

Emil M. Preisman
2016 Journal of Siberian Federal University  
Despite the primacy of the two capitals regional centres were increasingly becoming more significant in the artistic culture of the USSR in the second half of the XX century. The background of a rapid culture development in the regions was predetermined by the specialists' talent, skill, and often self-sacrifice. Later the culture moved on to new levels of creative quality. Such phenomena are of interest from both a historical and an artistic point of view as they contribute to a broad and
more » ... to a broad and objective vision of the panorama of the country's artistic culture. The creative life of Krasnoyarsk in the 60-ies of the XX century can illustrate this tendency. During this period activization of the musical life in the city was a vigorous promise of the city's artistic culture development, which was a consequence of the krai's industrial development determined by the decisions of the XIX and XX congresses of the CPSU 1 . They planned the construction of a complex of metallurgical, chemical and other industries the activities of which had to be provided by the energy of the Bratsk and Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power stations 2 , expansion of transport communications (railway, water, air) network. Perspectives of the city were also marked by the fact that, being situated at the crossroads of the Trans-Siberian railway (West -East direction) 4 "Znanie" ("Knowledge") is the All-Union Society for political and scientific knowledge dissemination: the widest network of the enlightenment of masses ('masses' was the word used instead of the word 'population' at that time).
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