Orlov BIM Technology and Experience of their Introduction into Educational Process … 263 Journal of Mining Institute

' Lyubov, Pavel Goldobina
2017 263-272 • Mining Education: Traditions and Perspectives in the 21st Century   unpublished
The article deals with issues of necessity of training and development of working staff for construction industry of Russian Federation for creation of competitive construction industry, meeting the high quality and efficiency standards, working in basis of modern financial and economic, technical and management mechanisms. One of the ways to solve this task of innovative development is modernization of architectural and building design, in particular implementation of BIM technology enabling
more » ... chnology enabling making efficient decisions at all stages of building and structures life cycle-from investment concept till operation and even demolition. In relation to this the industry demands highly qualified workers and engineers (bachelor students) being able not only to get new knowledge but to use them for solving practical tasks of modern construction industry and market. The article present a concept of designing educational programme for training students with major 08.03.01 «Construction» (bachelor degree) focusing on systematized knowledge, skills and tools for training , in particular, through interconnection and continuity during course and diploma papers based on BIM technology.