Mineral Mapping and Ore Prospecting with HyMap Data over Eastern Tien Shan, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

Hongyuan Huo, Zhuoya Ni, Xiaoguang Jiang, Ping Zhou, Liang Liu
2014 Remote Sensing  
Using HyMap data, mineral identification and mineral mapping were conducted on the basis of the spectral absorption index (SAI) and other spectral absorption features in a study area in Tudun, eastern Tien Shan. Alteration minerals, such as calcite, alumina-rich (Al-rich) muscovite, epidote, and antigorite, were explored, and their relative abundance was depicted. A cross-validation was performed, and it showed a high degree of consistency between the imagery results and the results of previous
more » ... results of previous literature. To further validate the mineral mapping from HyMap data, a field survey was carried out and rock samples were collected for quantitative analysis using a Por Infrared Mineral Analyzer (PIMA) and the software affiliated with it. Minerals were discriminated, and their relative abundance was OPEN ACCESS Remote Sens. 2014, 6 11830 calculated from the spectra. Although we found that the absorption band-depth and SAI agreed well with each other and with the relative abundance of mineral alterations, the spectral absorption band-depth provided a better representation. Finally, ore prospecting of the study area was presented, and we found the distribution and close spatial relationships among the minerals extracted using the HyMap data. In the northern and northwestern part of the Gold-mine area, there was a mineralized muscovite alteration showing a sheet or block distribution. In the Copper-mine area, Al-poor muscovite with a sheet distribution was distributed in the north and northeast region, and Al-rich muscovite showed a block distribution enclosed by the distribution area of Al-poor muscovite. These all showed good ore prospects for the study area.
doi:10.3390/rs61211829 fatcat:bjtfftalzragddlxmmauqzmfcu