Time Resolved Transient Absorption Probing Of A Laser Plasma Ii

Mustapha Hemici, Stéphane Mottin, Michel Bon, Jean Yves Roncin, Pierre Laporte
1991 Zenodo  
During the last two decades dense rare gases have attracted a great number of workers due to their potentiality as laser media. In this respect a detailed knowledge of plasma kinetics is of great importance. A recent study of kinetics and decay processes in argon has shown that the 4s atomic levels act as decay steps. The present communication reports on a method allowing the kinetic study of an argon plasma by transient visible absorption spectroscopy from the frrst 4s-level manifold. The
more » ... a is created by focusing a pulsed YAG laser in argon at variable pressure, typically in the atmospheric range. The probe beam is obtained by irradiating with a second YAG laser a dye cell operated in the broad band regime 121. The light is analyzed with a 2.5-m Ebert spectrometer equipped with an EG&G optical multichannel analyzer (OMA).
doi:10.5281/zenodo.438921 fatcat:wtzin4puf5d5djkdjmbl6src2a