Parallelizing the solution of the nonlinear heat conduction problem with the application of the OpenCL library
Распараллеливание решения нелинейной задачи теплопроводности с использованием библиотеки OpenCL

L. F. Spevak, O. A. Nefedova
2016 Diagnostics Resource and Mechanics of materials and structures  
The paper deals with the application of parallel computation methods to the numerical solution of the nonlinear boundary value problem for the degenerate two-dimensional differential heat conduction equation. The nonlinearity of the problem stems from the power dependence of the thermal conductivity coefficient on temperature. The solution algorithm is based on the boundary element method with the application of the dual reciprocity method enabling all the computations to be brought to the
more » ... brought to the boundary of the problem solution domain. A program has been developed from the presented computational algorithm. To accelerate the computation as much as possible, we use parallel programming processes and graphics processors. The program is written in the С++ programming language with the use of the OpenMP and OpenCL open standards. An example is considered to illustrate the work of the algorithm and the program; the calculation accuracy and the calculation speed are analyzed.
doi:10.17804/2410-9908.2016.6.080-091 fatcat:hxsr6dek45g5hjega6r5zeqvee