Fine Arts: 1. Art During the Transition Period Between Paleolithic and Neolithicon the Territory of Romania

Ioana-Iulia Olaru
2018 Review of Artistic Education  
This material refers to one of the many transition periods from the History of Art on the territory of Romania - that is the period which separates Paleolithic from Neolithic: Epi-Paleolithic, with its endcalled (and accepted, first of all!) by some researchers: Mesolithic. As we will see, we will refer to the art of this moment of great complexity and diversity. From an artistic pointof view, Epi-Paleolithic already has tools which can be placed in the category of technical beauty, as far as
more » ... beauty, as far as form is concerned, precision becomes more and more important,and also the skillfulness of their production and the delicate, refined finishing; also connected to the artistic side of the period, the interest for beauty for creating geometrical-abstract decorations increases, obviously becoming a coherent ornamental motif. In the final phase of Epi-Paleolithic, the Mesolithic period comes with an art which is different from the one of the culture Schela Cladovei, characterized by ornaments with simple geometrical motifs, liniar incisions, oblique or in a network, this geometry leading to the main compositional textures of decoration of the oldest phase of the future Neolithic culture Criș.
doi:10.2478/rae-2018-0017 fatcat:knieoglluzbonoyxotmmq75ro4