Wavelet-Based Local Contrast Enhancement for Satellite, Aerial and Close Range Images

Krystian Pyka
2017 Remote Sensing  
The methods used for image contrast enhancement in the wavelet domain have been previously documented. The essence of these methods lies in the manipulation of the image during the reconstruction process, by changing the relationship between the components that require transformation. This paper proposes a new variant based on using undecimated wavelet transform and adapting the Gaussian function for scaling the coefficients of detail wavelet components, so that the role of low coefficients in
more » ... ow coefficients in the reconstructed image is greater. The enhanced image is then created by combining the new components. Applying the Haar wavelet minimises the effects of the relationship disturbance between components, and creates a small buffer around the edge. The proposed method was tested using six images at different scales, collected with handheld photo cameras, and aerial and satellite optical sensors. The results of the tests indicate that the method can achieve comparable, or even better enhancement effects for weak edges, than the well-known unsharp masking and Retinex methods. The proposed method can be applied in order to improve the visual interpretation of remote sensing images taken by various sensors at different scales.
doi:10.3390/rs9010025 fatcat:cx4bw5esnzge3ktosf67bwrrkm