Detection of Spontaneous Reciprocal Translocation Lines in Tunisian Barley

1997 Japanese Journal of Tropical Agriculture  
In order to detect lines with reciprocal translocations in barley plants collected in Tunisia, ten lines with a short culm were crossed with Tunisian lines with the standard karyotype, ESAK 33 and Peru lima 2959. The F1 plants from the two crosses showed a semi-sterility, while their parents were normally fertile. The chromosome configurations in PMCs at metaphase I (M I) consisted of one quadrivalent and five bivalents, indicating that these lines (BGR52 and BGR53) had a single reciprocal
more » ... location. Furthermore, in order to identify translocated chromosomes in these translocation lines, the translocation tester lines derived from Mars were crossed with two Tunisian translocation lines. The hybrids between these Tunisian lines and translocation tester lines, T1-7a, T1-7b, T1-7c and T4-5b formed 1 VI +4 II pairs at M I . Hybrid between BGR52 and BGR53 formed 7II pairs. Therefore, two of the ten barley germplasm accessions collected in Tunisia carried the spontaneous reciprocal translocations. Translocated chromosomes consisted of chromosome 5 and chromosome 7. Two spontaneous reciprocal translocation lines carried the same translocated chromosome.
doi:10.11248/jsta1957.41.264 fatcat:bbunhopwlrb3nalw4e5drz2wla